Chiropractor Sharpsburg GA – A Key Intervention to Improve Health and Longevity

fastingIn this weeks video health tip, Dr. Matthew Davis, director of Crossroads Chiropractic, takes a look at fasting as one of the key interventions to improving health and longevity.

Obesity is now surpassing hunger as a global health crisis, and is soon approaching the number one reason for disabilities and chronic degenerative sicknesses worldwide.

The latest evidence strongly supports that the human body struggles to function properly when we continuously feed it. This continuous feeding will increase the human body developing chronic degenerative disease.

Research has confirmed many biological repair and rejuvenation processes take place in the absence of food.

This tells us that abstaining from food or fasting may just be the answer to improve overall health.

Fasting is defined as abstaining from any food for a large part of each day, or a few days each week or month.

Interestingly enough, fasting is one of the oldest documented dietary interventions in the world. Many of todays experts are endorsing fasting as a result of the profound benefits fasting has over impacting health and longevity.

There are a variety of types of fasting, however;  the leading component is the cycling of eating and fasting.

By copying the eating habits of our ancestors, you restore your body to a more natural state; influencing a wide array of biochemical benefits to occur.

The benefits of fasting include:
~Reversal of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes
~Weight loss and improved body composition
~Decreased risk for heart disease and cancer
~Improved cognitive function
~Increased longevity

If you are thinking about integrating fasting into your life, check with your doctor if you have any underlying health conditions.

Remember you and your family can be as healthy as can be, and it’s never too soon to start receiving chiropractic care. Your best source for everything health is your chiropractor.  It’s never too early or late to see the team at Crossroads Chiropractic. Visit Sharpsburg Chiropractor, Crossroads Chiropractic regularly and make sure your nervous system is functioning 100%.

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