Chiropractor Sharpsburg GA – Chiropractic Care Lessens Depression

depressionIn this weeks video health tip, Dr. Matthew Davis, director of Crossroads Chiropractic, takes a look at how chiropractic care can lessen depression.

According to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), millions and millions of people are affected by depression.

Apparently there is a strong correlation between pain and depression.

For many people, depression causes unexplained physical symptoms such as back pain or headaches.

Sometimes pain and depression create a vicious cycle in which pain worsens symptoms of depression, and then the ensuing depression worsens the pain.

Chiropractic care has been shown to decrease a number of pain syndromes by restoring function and removing pinched nerves that interfere with the nervous and immune system. By decreasing pain and restoring health there is often a decrease in depression.

Here are some reasons why chiropractic adjustments might lesson your depression.

1. Chronic pain negatively effects your mood and overall mental health. Studies show that people living with chronic pain are three to four times more likely to become depressed than those not in pain.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments create proper alignment where pain can be improved and depression alleviated.

2. Your nervous  system controls your mental and emotional health.

Chiropractic adjustments improve the nervous system by correcting misalignments and  allowing for better blood flow.

3. Stress and depression are connected.

A study in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research found over 75% of patients who underwent chiropractic care reported positive changes to stress and increased life enjoyment while they were receiving chiropractic care.

If you or a family member are suffering from pain and depression,  chiropractic adjustments can help you to restore mobility, alleviate physical pain and positively impact your quality of life.

Remember you and your family can be as healthy as can be, and it’s never too soon to start receiving chiropractic care. Your best source for everything health is your chiropractor.  It’s never too early or late to see the team at Crossroads Chiropractic. Visit Sharpsburg Chiropractor, Crossroads Chiropractic regularly and make sure your nervous system is functioning 100%.

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