Chiropractor Sharpsburg GA – 7 Surprising Ways Caffeine Affects Your Health

Caffeine In this weeks video health tip, Dr. Matthew Davis & Dr. Samir Hajariwala, directors of Crossroads Chiropractic, take a look at 7 ways caffeine can affect your health.

With approximately 85% of U.S. Adults consuming caffeine, the world’s most widely used central nervous system stimulant; how is it impacting their health?

Studies reveal some advantages as well as health risks from consuming caffeine.

Here are 7 surprising ways caffeine can affect your health.

1. Caffeine enhances physical performance.  Caffeine is believed to aid muscles in burning fat as an energy source.
2. Caffeine helps your brain react. Studies suggest caffeine may  enhance attention, reaction time, and vigilance.
3. Caffeine can ease pain. Caffeine is known to ease migraine and tension headaches.  Many prescriptions and over-the-counter pain relievers have added caffeine.
4. Caffeine can trigger pain. Overuse of caffeinated painkillers can cause rebound headaches from stopping the medication.
5. Caffeine can spike blood sugar. Studies show caffeine drives up blood sugar levels and impairs insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes.
6. Caffeine can pose a heart risk for some. Caffeine, especially in high doses, is not recommended for heart patients because it can induce an abnormal, rapid heart rate.
7. Caffeine can affect bone health. Some studies suggest caffeine slightly reduces calcium absorption.

If you are concerned about your caffeine habit, go see your doctor.

Remember you and your family can be as healthy as can be, and it’s never too soon to start receiving chiropractic care. Your best source for everything health is your chiropractor.  It’s never too early or late to see the team at Crossroads Chiropractic. Visit Sharpsburg Chiropractor, Crossroads Chiropractic regularly and make sure your nervous system is functioning 100%.

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