Dr Bryan Hammer

Meet Dr. Bryan Hammer

Dr Bryan HammerDr. Bryan Hammer comes to us from  Roseville Michigan.

As a highly competitive ice hockey player for 22 years, Dr. Bryan Hammer always made sure to take care of his health through nutrition and exercise.

Dr. Bryan seemed to constantly have aches and pains stemmed from his athletic performance. In 2010, he decided to take action and received his first chiropractic adjustment. Afterwards, he felt significantly better and continued to receive chiropractic care, which also began to improve his breathing and allergy problems. He longed to know more about this method of care that helped him so much. He decided to become a chiropractor to share his knowledge of the power of the human body and to aid in the health of others. Throughout his chiropractic education, he began to focus on providing chiropractic care to families and give them the tools to improve the quality of their lives. Dr. Bryan Hammer utilizes light force adjusting techniques to pediatric and pregnant patients.

Dr. Hammer says, “healthy children grow up and become healthy adults”. He is now committed to share those principles with the families under his care, as he wishes growing up those principles would have been shared with his parents. As a member of the Crossroads Chiropractic team he now finds himself in a position to share his passion for family chiropractic care to help this community reach their health goals for themselves and for their family.

If there is any way I can help you or your family with a particular health challenge, please feel free to call our office @(770) 252-1848 and ask for Dr. Bryan, or simply email me at, DrBryan@SharpsburgChiropractor.com.