Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies

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Crossroads Chiropractic has been helping children and adults get relief from allergies for years. If you or anyone you know is suffering from allergies call Crossroads Chiropractic at (770) 252-1848 and find out how to eliminate allergies naturally.


What is an allergy?

An allergy is a type of symptom. The body’s way of alerting us that something is wrong. The body is smart. An allergic reaction is the body’s trying to rid itself of an allergen – pollen, pet dander, etc. – via tears, coughing, hives and more. It’s an automatic protective mechanism. The reaction to an allergen is controlled by the immune system. The immune system is controlled by the nervous system.

If pollen is an allergen, why isn’t everyone have symptoms at he same time? An allergy is not cause by pollen itself, but by the immune system’s inability to fight the pollen’s adverse effects.

Stress is what makes the immune system unable to fight. Stress, regardless of type, causes pinched nerves. Pinched nerves prevent the nervous system and immune systems from working properly and allergies can result. Removing pinched nerves restores function and communication to the nervous system and immune system, and often times allergic reactions no longer arise.

A pinched nerve is the condition in which a spinal nerve looses the communication as it exits the spine to control functions to organs and systems.

Some people are allergic to strawberries even though they are good for you. The allergen in a food is its protein, present in strawberries, eggs, soy, etc. An allergic reaction occurs when a weakened immune system mistakes these proteins as harmful. In other words, the immune system flags the particle as an allergen, when in fact the substance may be harmless.

A peanut allergy, the allergen, substance to which the body is allergic, is the  peanut allergy is often not an allergy to the peanut at all, but the aflatoxin mold.  Aflatoxin is a carcinogenic mold that often affects the peanut crop. Aflatoxin is a real allergen. Try to consume only Valencia peanuts and peanut butter. Valencia peanuts are grown in dry climates like New Mexico and Arizona, thus less vulnerable to the aflatoxin mold.

Lactose intolerance is not a true allergy. It’s a healthy, natural state because the body is not designed to digest cow’s milk in the first place. Infants are born with the enzyme lactase, so they can digest breast milk, not so they can digest cow’s milk. An inability to digest cow’s milk is normal.

Remember, the body only reacts badly to an allergen if the immune system is too tired to fight it or too weak to recognize it properly.

Pinched nerves caused by stress weaken the nervous system, which in turn weakens the immune system. Chiropractic adjustments remove interference to the nervous system, so immune system function is restored.

“You have been screwed into believing every symptom is a deficiency of some drug or surgery. You’ve been led to believe you have no control, when in truth you’re the one who must take control. Unfortunately, the modus operandi in medicine is to find a drug to turn off the damaged part that is producing symptoms.” – Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., Detoxify of Die.

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