Tendonitis Bursitis and Elbow Pain

Tendonitis Bursitis and Elbow Pain

Find relief for Tendonitis, Bursitis, and Elbow Pain w/Crossroads Chiropractic

Heard the names “tennis elbow,” “tendonitis,” or “bursitis?”

Since elbow pain can make daily chores so straining, people often overdo it with pain medication. Tendonitis Bursitis and Elbow Pain can be dangerous, because pain medicine can be highly addictive.

All these elbow problems are symptoms and the body’s way of alerting us that something is wrong.

The difference between tennis elbow, tendonitis, bursitis and what do they have to do with chiropractic care? Tennis elbow is an easy name for lateral epicondylitis. You don’t have to be a tennis player to suffer from it. Tennis elbow is an injury of the elbow’s outer tendon and muscle. It can result form overuse of the arm and hand. It affects the outer elbow. The same condition but when it affects the inside of the elbow is golfer’s elbow and is another injury due to overuse of the arm and hand.

We talked about tennis and golfer’s elbow. Now, what is elbow tendonitis? Tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon. A tendon is a flexible band of fibers that connects a bone to its muscles. Someone with elbow tendonitis will feel pain every time they move their elbow.

Last but not least, what is elbow bursitis? Bursitis is inflammation of the bursa. A bursa is a small, fluid-filled sac that acts as a cushion between bone and muscles. As with tendonitis, elbow bursitis causes pain upon moving the elbow.

Tennis elbow, tendonitis, and bursitis can result from a direct elbow injury, or from a stress within the spine. The spine and elbow are connected. What allows the elbow to move are the nerves that control it. Those nerves come from the spine. Stress to the spine causes pinched nerves and they keep the spinal nerves from communicating. If the nerves that travel from the spine to the elbow are affected, elbow problems can result.

A pinched nerve is a condition in which a spinal nerves lose the quality of nerve impulse. Nerves which branch off of the spinal cord no longer properly communicate. Location and removal of pinched nerves by a chiropractor can help relieve elbow work properly.

Often times removing pinched nerves still help bring relief, even if the elbow problem is due to a direct elbow injury? Regardless the nerves to the elbow are affected. Correcting pinched nerves is still necessary.

In addition to correcting pinched nerves, we offer a unique therapy that we have found a great benefit to elbow conditions. Acoustic wave therapy (MyAct), is a highly efficient, non-surgical treatment of chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system. During this therapy, sound waves interacts with the tissues of the body. This leads to a cascade of beneficial effects such as increased vascular supply, reversal of chronic inflammation, stimulation of collagen and dissolution of calcium build-up. Stimulation of these biological mechanisms creates an optimal healing environment. As the injured area is returned to normal, functionality is restored and pain is relieved.

Do you have a friend or loved one who suffers from elbow pain? Ask your chiropractor for a copy of Tendonitis Bursitis and Elbow Pain information to pass along, so that your loved one can finally find relief, and live the life they’ve always imagined. You can help change someone’s life! The part can never be well, unless the whole was well.

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