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What Other Say

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What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Crossroads Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Samir Hajariwala

Chiropractic Care for the Family

We are the Williams Family. We have been seeing Dr. Matt for over a year now. My name is Delena and before I started treatments I suffered with lower back pain, migraine headaches 1-2 times a month and regular headaches 3-4 times a week. I also had problems with seasonal allergies and carpal tunnel. Since I have been seeing Dr. Matt. I have had only 2 migraines and rarely ever have regular headaches anymore. I have less seasonal allergy symptoms, my carpal tunnel doesn’t affect me anymore and my back doesn’t hurt continuously. I am even sleeping better and have more energy. I am also eating healthier and exercising more than I have in a long while. I also have learned to deal with stress better.

My husband, Jim, started seeing Dr. Matt soon after I did. He is on blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, diabetes medication and is working on getting off all of his medication. Since he has been seeing Dr. Matt he has lowered his cholesterol medication by 75% and his blood pressure and glucose levels are going down. He is exercising more and eating better due to advice from Dr. Matt.

Our kids, Jennifer, Maddison, and J.T. love to see Dr. Matt. J.T. loves to get tattoos, and they all love the coloring contest and special days that he has during the year. I have noticed an increase in their energy levels as well as them not being sick as much. All of them suffered with seasonal allergies and headaches and I have not had to give them any medication except for their vitamin supplements. Thank you so much Dr. Matt for turning on the power in our bodies. We look forward to many years of health and happiness. We are so glad to have you as our chiropractor.

~Williams Family

Migraine Headaches

I suffered for many years from debilitating migraines and cluster headaches. I would be bed ridden for several days and missed out on many important events in my life. I tried doctor prescribed pain medicines that made me sluggish, nauseated, and gave me heartburn. Then I met Dr. Matt at 92.5 FM The Bear. After 2 months my headaches are almost gone, I sleep better, and I have lost 19 pounds. I am now able to listen to my body. Dr. Matt has made wonderful improvements on my health. I am only getting better and healthier and look forward to the future.

~ Boni B., Senoia, GA

Knee and Ankle Pain

On February 2009, I began seeing Dr. Matthew for pain in my left knee and ankle. The pain started about a year ago. I assumed it was “old age”. I could not walk or get up from a chair without pain. It made my daily activities very difficult for me. I tried Tylenol and Aleve until it started upsetting my stomach. Thankfully my sister and family referred me to Dr. Matt and I am so glad. I can now walk with very little discomfort and get up from the sofa with no help! I feel so much better in every way. My daily health has changed dramatically. I am amazed how much better I feel – all without medicines!

~Teresa W., Sharpsburg, GA

My Unfinished Wellness Story

The other day I was sitting at my desk thinking about how infectious my mood has been lately. I have been told by others I am motivating them to achieve health and wellness and in return their excitement and encouraging words obviously motivate me. It is a cycle that enacts an uplifting mood that seems to be contagious. That is how I came up with this statement…

“Good health and wellness should be treated as a highly contagious virus with no means for a cure.”

My name is Cheyenne. I am 29 years old with my 30th birthday only six months away. I met Dr. Matt Davis through my husband- Kevin. My husband had told Dr. Davis of my neck and back pain and my increase of debilitating headaches and insomnia. Dr. Davis suggested I stop by his clinic. I scheduled my evaluation on March 19, 2009, not knowing what to expect. After all, the chiropractors I had heard of only “cracked your neck and back”. The moment I met him, I had a sense of security. I was completely new to this entire experience, but still the security and kindness I sensed in Dr. Davis allured me into his office. I am now a proud member of the Crossroads Chiropractic Family and Wellness Center family. My husband and children are now seeing Dr. Davis too!

The primary reasons I began seeing Dr. Davis is because of neck and back pain that I experienced through most of my life, insomnia and headaches that I began experiencing within the past several months, and a little part of me wanted to become healthier, that is why I started Weight Watchers earlier. Let’s face it. When I walked in his door I was a wreck. I experienced continual pain every day, sometimes it even kept me in bed for a day or two. I felt and looked twice or maybe even three times my age. If you knew or had seen me then, you would have probably thought she is letting her life waste away. Fortunately, it is never too late to start.

In the past I tried taking OTC (over the counter) drugs, muscle relaxers, pain relievers, seeing orthopedists, getting massages, you name it, I probably tried it. The drugs had adverse effects and only provided that “band-aid” effect and all the others just were another temporary fix. Once, I even considered surgery for the back pain. None of these were successful in permanency.

Only after my 3rd adjustment I noticed a significant improvement in my insomnia and headaches-they were gone and they haven’t come back since! I sleep well at night even when I am sick. My neck pain and back pain are mild in comparison to what I experienced for most of my life. Muscle spasms are mainly brought on by my choices of activity which are easily relieved by my adjustments and stretching.

I got a true picture of how much my health has considerably improved overall when I recently caught the dreaded stomach virus that made national news. My recovery time was reduced by half while my dearest husband endured another three to four days worth of misery before he recovered.

Another positive affect is my overall weight loss efforts have, I believe, improved and accelerated. Since I began seeing Dr. Davis I have lost a total of 14.4 Ibs, just in the time I have seen him, with my overall weight loss with Weight Watchers, beginning February 18, 2009, at 23.41bs on April 21, 2009. My physical endurance is greater. I walk 3 miles and also do strength training three to five times a week, participated in my first 5K on April 18, 2009 and registered for one in May and another in June.

The biggest change, I believe, that has made this life altering experience successful is my attitude. With a positive outlook, support from family and friends, accountability partners, and personal motivators I have achieved what many set out to do but only give up because they don’t see “instant” results. I have learned that you shouldn’t look at the challenges ahead of you as a way to fail. Take each step at a time, focus on small goals, reward yourself for your successes, and recognize how you feel when you succeed. No one will do it for you so make your life choices work for not against you. If you believe you can’t-you won’t.

I have a long journey ahead of me but with my continued care through Dr. Davis, improving my nutrition, taking healthy-whole supplements, relaxing, increasing my physical endurance, stretching, and meditating, I will achieve my goals and enjoy the fullest potential of life.

~Cheyenne, Sharpsburg, GA

Severe Back Pain

I first saw Dr. Matt due to constant severe back pain. I had seen a musculo-skeletal chiropractor before who gave me only temporary relief. Since beginning treatment in late November I have seen my overall health improve by extreme amounts. Dr. Matt has given me total relief of the original problem with my back. My vision is better in clarity and color. I can think more clearly and concentrate better than before and strenuous work is now a breeze. Dr. Matt is the essence of chiropractic care and a true life saver!

~ Caleb C., Sharpsburg, GA


My four-year-old daughter, Gracie, is developmentally delayed – a form of autism. Due to this, Gracie cannot talk and she is not potty trained. She doesn’t have or use the skills as any other normal four-year-old would. We have tried several different types of therapy, none of which really produced results. Then we decided to try chiropractic. Two weeks after we started treatments with Dr. Matt, Gracie’s teachers from her special needs class and daycare started commenting on how outgoing she had become. She is now starting to interact with other kids and participate in classroom activities with the teachers. Gracie keeps showing small signs of improvement with every treatment.

~Karlyn S., Griffin, GA


Alexis (age 6) first visited Dr. Matthew on November 2008 for her allergies. This condition affected our family since she was age 3, Alexis has constantly needed to watch what she eats, touches and comes in contact with. The allergist recently prescribed Allegra, taken two times a day that made her drowsy and did not work. Alexis’s health has improved greatly with chiropractic care and after only 1 month she no longer has to take her medicine on a daily basis. I can’t imagine what will improve after she has been under care more than 1 month. Her sleeping has improved and the dark circles that were under her eyes are now gone. Alexis loves Dr. Matthew and looks forward to her visits unlike seeing her allergist.

~Alexis M. (age 6), Sharpsburg, GA

Allergies, Depression, Low Energy

I met Dr Matthew at the Thomas Crossroads Elementary Fall Festival and began treating with him for help from many injuries and car accidents. My condition started 15 yrs ago and day to day life for me had become harder due to depression and the lack of basic enjoyment of life. I’ve tried everything from acupuncture, the tens unit, massage therapy, pain killers, muscle relaxers (which gave me severe stomach problems), and even 2 neck surgeries. My life has changed since starting care (October 2008) and getting my regular adjustments. I no longer feel tired or dragged out. My energy has returned. I no longer need medicine for my stomach problems and I’m taking less allergy medicine. At Crossroads Chiropractic, I’m not just another number in the waiting room. Dr. Matthew and the staff make me feel like I matter.

~Maureen M., Sharpsburg, GA

Out of Balance, Low Energy, Pain

For two years I have suffering with constant discomfort and always feeling off balance. The various pain medications and muscle relaxers prescribed to me only masked the real problems and caused new ones like acid reflux, constant fatigue, and the constant feeling of being in a fog. My daughter-in-law insisted I get checked out while visiting her on vacation. I feel more alert and have more energy. It has been a very long time since I woke up feeling refreshed. The people in this community are very lucky to have Dr. Matt available to them. I hope I can find someone half as caring and concerned as Dr. Matt is when I return to New York.

~Pat M., New York

Pediatric Torticollis

My granddaughter, Aubrey, was born in January of 2008. I noticed at 2 weeks she would not turn her head at all to the right. I had my daughter ask the pediatrician about it. The pediatrician said she had a tied up neck muscle which happens sometimes and to lay her in the floor on her back and force her head to the left while holding her right shoulder down several times a day. She even saw a second pediatrician at 1½ months of age and he said the same thing.

At 2 months of age, I was really getting concerned. She would only turn her head to the left very little. What was most alarming was she would not hold her head up at all. She reminded me of a rag doll. We continued doing the exercises but really never saw any improvement. She was also getting a rash on her neck where she was holding her chin down to her chest. By this time her head was also becoming misshaped. The pediatrician was still saying do the exercises and make sure she lies on her left side. Aubrey and I met Dr. Matt at a social function when she was 3 months old. He explained to me what was going on with her and assured me that it could be corrected. He asked me to make an appointment. He knew he could help Aubrey. I was a little apprehensive at first due to her age. I am a firm believer in chiropractors, but it was just her age. He explained that he works with children and it would not hurt her at all.

I made an appointment right away. Dr. Matt scanned her and explained to my daughter and I the results. Aubrey had Acute Congenital Muscular Torticollis. The strength in her right arm was much weaker than the left and one leg was longer than the other. The scan showed that her C-1 nerve was not working correctly. Dr. Matt adjusted Aubrey which she slept through while laying face down atop her mother. He said we should start seeing a little improvement in 2 weeks.

After her third visit I could not believe the improvement. She was holding her head up, very unsteady but it was off her chest finally. When we laid her on her stomach she raised her head up to her breast when before she would only rest her chin on the floor. Aubrey even turned her head more to the left as well. She rolled over from her stomach to her back after the fifth visit.

We are now 4½ months of age and just finished her twelfth visit. She has become a pro at holding her head up, nothing wrong with the strength in her arms. She rolls from her back to her stomach constantly. She has also started to stand in our laps when before she just refused to put her feet down. It doesn’t seem it will be much longer before she will start crawling which Dr. Matt said would have been impossible prior to chiropractic treatment.

The only regret I have is not taking Aubrey sooner than we did. Dr. Matt is very gentle and patient. You can tell he loves his job. The staff is very nice and friendly as well.

Thanks. A very proud and relieved first grandmother.

-Aubry, Sharpsburg, GA


For many years I have suffered from colitis and a general feeling of being unhealthy. My colitis was so severe; there were days I couldn’t leave my house for work, fun, or appointments. I tried over-the-counter medicines and prescription medications. I am no longer taking ANY medications for the colitis and am able to leave the house without worrying about always running to the restroom. I have taken control of my life again! I have also lost seven pounds in the one month while receiving nutritional counseling from Dr. Matt as well as chiropractic care.

~ A.H., Sharpsburg, GA

Panic & Anxiety Attacks

My panic and anxiety attacks began late June 2007. The panic attacks were incredibly severe and frightening; anxiety attacks came in between and were also severe. The condition affected my ability to go to work for many weeks and then, upon returning to work, I went only part-time for an extended period of time. I lived in constant fear of another attack, of losing mental capacity, of being alone, of fear itself.

Treatments began with MD visits that were helpful at the time. I felt better and, in the short term, that was all that mattered. I did not, however, want to take something everyday for an extended period of time, especially when it was only treating the symptoms.

I no longer take the med.’s and no longer have panic attacks; the anxiety has diminished significantly. I feel healthier mentally and physically and believe that with continued treatment, exercise and a healthy diet, the anxiety will subside completely over time. It is nice to have a positive outlook again … to be me again.

I would encourage anyone experiencing panic, anxiety and/or stress to stop by for an evaluation. I have learned by experience that chiropractic care targets the cause of the issue rather than the symptom(s).

Thank you for your kind and professional care!

~A. B., Newnan, GA

Sinus Infection

In 2005, I began having one sinus infection after another. My doctors tried several different courses of antibiotics. The antibiotics made me feel weak and drowsy and caused anxiety and depression. After the failed antibiotics, my doctor recommended sinus surgery. There had to be something else that didn’t have this effect on my body that could help besides surgery. In January 2007, I began chiropractic care. I immediately had great success – my sinuses were clear and surgery wasn’t even necessary! My immune system became stronger and I feel better than ever now. I was able to avoid a very painful surgery which wouldn’t have taken care of the cause of my sinus infections – a subluxation. I highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone.

~Debra G., Griffin, GA

Neck/Shoulder Pain

I began chiropractic treatments with Matt to help resolve the neck/shoulder pain I was having as a result of cycling, and the aches and pains of pregnancy. I now have two children and our whole family continues to see Dr. Matt to help strengthen our immune systems and keep our nervous systems healthy.

~Jessica D., Sharpsburg, GA

Migraine Headaches

For over 10 years I lived with migraine headaches and a tingly numb feeling in my shoulders from stress. I also had terrible allergies all my life and lived on allergy medication to try to relieve the symptoms. I was referred to Dr. Matt for my headaches and shoulder problems by a friend. After a few months of care for Dr. Matt my headaches and my shoulder problems were gone and I started to notice a relief from my allergy problems as well. It has been four years now that I have not had to take allergy medication and I have not had one case of sinusitis nor have I had a migraine. I have learned a lot about chiropractic care and it has been life changing for me and my family.

~Amy K., Peachtree City, GA

A Better Life

Dr. Matt. You have such a gift of letting your patients feel how much you care about their health and well being! I have found that not all doctors are blessed with such a gift. I only recommend a doctor to others if I believe he has the desire to find that path to healing for the individual. You have shown yourself to be such a doctor. Thanks for all you do to help others live a better life.

~Karen R., Newnan, GA

Neck Pain

When I came to see Dr. Matt, I was in physical pain. I was unable to turn my neck without piercing pain. I remember that first visit. I wanted so badly to be adjusted but had to wait two days for the x-ray results and for Dr. Matt to review my case. On that second visit, Dr. Matt was able to show me that I was not only storing stress in my neck, but many other areas along my spine. These subluxations were interfering with my health. After a few more visits, I was able to move my neck without pain. The question I had to answer was should I discontinue treatment since the pain was gone or continue on the plan Dr. Matt had mapped out for me? I decided to continue.

I have been in Dr. Matt’s care now for four months and feel like a totally different person. You see, I had been seeing a chiropractor at my previous home, but since moving, I discontinued treatment for 2 ½ years. During this time, other symptoms began to bother me. Things I really did not associate with chiropractic care. I am 46-years-old and have been experiencing migraines, depression, mood swings and other perimenopausal symptoms. In an effort to control theses, I went to a medical doctor who prescribed anti-depressants and low-dose hormone replacement therapy. I now know that these treatments only masked the symptoms and did not really help to make me better. Sometimes, I would get so down; I would sit on the couch not wanting to get up to do anything. Finally when the pain began, I went to see Dr. Matt. I’ve already told you that he was able to help the pain pretty quickly. The miracle is that with continued care other things have also improved. I am reminded of the story of Jesus and the invalid. Jesus asked him, “Do you want to get well?” At first glance, I thought, why would Jesus ask such a question? Then I realized, there are payoffs for remaining sick.. First, you don’t have to change. Your routine can stay the same and change is hard. Second, you get sympathy from others. If you are well, your relationships will change. Last, you have to be committed to be well. I have had to take control of my health. Dr. Matt helped me to see the importance of eating well and exercise. My change in diet and exercise has allowed me to lose 14 pounds. I am also taking a natural progesterone cream that is biologically identical to what the body produces. Women have a drop in progesterone production as they age and can become totally out of balance hormonally just I was out of balance physically. I began the hormone cream before chiropractic care and noticed a difference in my moods, etc. But, when Dr. Matt was able to get my nervous system to work optimally, my body could utilize the hormone balancing cream to its full capacity. There is so much benefit from taking care of yourself.

My question to you is, “Do you want to get well?” You are at the right place, but the decision to heal yourself is in your hands (and Dr. Matt’s.) I hope you choose to make the changes necessary to become well.

~Dianne D., Peachtree City, GA

Welcoming And Helpful

Your staff is very welcoming and helpful! They were also very understanding in my need for comfort! I am grateful for a staff that answers all your questions and explains everything to me step by step as well as why I am in so much pain and how the process to fix it goes!

~Brandi W.

Very Professional

Dr. Davis was very professional and took the time to explain things to me, and took interest in helping me and made sure to ask what my concerns were. Miss. Patty and Erin were very friendly and courteous, and did everything they could to make my first appointment great, and made me feel like I was the only patient there. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

~Robert D.


Dr. Matt is awesome! Went in barely able to walk & walked out feeling 110% better!

~Bob B.

Great Explanations

Such a comfortable atmosphere and friendly and helpful staff. Information of my treatment plan was explained to me with options. I feel confident in Dr Matt’s ability to take care of my chiropractic needs..Also, enjoyed meeting Chuck….that made me smile.

~ Elaine R.

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